Strategic Communication is communication with a purpose, agenda, and a master plan. 

I work with your team to better understand the purpose and strategic goals of your organization/project, and develop a communication strategy with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound) objectives and operational tactics that align with your business strategy and financial capacity.

A communication strategy organizes the communication activities of your organization and allows it to demonstrate its value and potential to the community. 

It is a holistic exercise that takes your brand from strategy to tactics, from paper to life, from vision to impact.


My Approach

I work with your team on a 3-phase approach to evaluate your present situation and guide you to expand your communication capacity, in order to grow and develop in a healthy, vigorous way.

I hereby explain the 3 phases: listen, create, and design.

Phase 1 | Listen

I work with you and your team to learn and understand your organization/brand better. We revisit its mission/purpose and its positioning in the market(s).  

This phase includes individual and group consultations, accompanied with a SWOT analysis of your organization/brand, and a value/competitor analysis (Blue Ocean - Strategy Canvas) of the products and services that you offer your markets. A stakeholders analysis follows, to highlight your internal and external stakeholders influenced by your activities. I then conduct a thorough audit on your existing communication channels (form, content, and channels). Finally, I evaluate with your team the present capacity of your talent.

Phase 2 | Create

I work with you and your team to explore your business strategic directions. Together, we revisit your strategic business goals and design communication goals, objectives, and tactics that align with the business goals. 

This phase includes individual/group sessions to identify the desired business destination(s) and agree on communication activities that will take us there. We explore priorities, navigate potential technologies and communication channels, decide on talent and responsibilities, and set realistic timelines to achieve our objectives.

Phase 3 | Design

I work with your team to find and/or fine-tune your voice to create a better impact in your community.

This phase includes developing a brand strategy that covers your brand purpose (the reason to exist beyond making money. This is your brand essence!), brand manifesto (a simple statement with an emotional resonance that’s bold, deep, and inspires action. This is your brand promise in a story mode!), brand beliefs (your brand convictions, values, and code of ethics. This is what you believe in!) brand persona (a set of human characteristics that are attributed to your brand. A personality that your target audience can relate to!), and brand principles (brand values translated into actionable behaviors!). 

Then, we dive into bringing your brand to life visually through developing the brand assets and brand applications. 

Brand assets include the brandmark, social media icons, photography style,  graphic device, colour palette,  typography, illustration style, and iconography.

Brand Applications are visual layouts for the communication channels we agreed to activate in the Create Phase. They could include a website, newsletter, animation style, social media cover page, Facebook/Instagram posts, periodic reports, or any other channel pertinent to your communication.  

Brand assets and brand applications are developed in partnership with and so we design.

Let's work together...

I can be an extension to your team and organization. Give me a call and let's see how I can add value to your business, projects, and people.